Repairs & Setups

Repairs & Setups

Repair, Setup & Modification Services

Repair, Setup & Modification Services

PCJ provide affordable, high quality repair, setup and modification services for all acoustic, electric and bass guitars.
We offer professional, honest advice on materials, hardware and electronics.

Detailed information and pricing for all repair, setup and modification work PCJ undertake is shown in the table below.

To discuss or book in any repairs, setups or modifications please email

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General Setup

A general setup includes

  • String Change
  • Fretboard Clean & Polish
    (+re-oiling if needed)
  • Intonation Adjustment
  • Hardware Check
  • Clean Of Hardware & Electrics
  • Instrument Clean & Polish

* If new strings are a different gauge an additional £5 will be added to cover action readjustment *

Electric Guitar
£ 35
  • + Price Of Strings
With Floyd Rose
£ 40
  • + Price Of Strings
Extended Range
£ 40
  • + Price Of Strings
Acoustic Guitar
£ 35
  • + Price Of Strings
Classical Guitar
£ 35
  • + Price Of Strings
Bass Guitar
£ 35
  • + Price Of Strings

Fret Work

* All fret work prices are inclusive of a setup *

Some fret work may require a new nut to raise the string height.
If a new nut is required a £15 nut replacement charge will be added to the final total.

£ 200
  • Bound Fingerboard
£ 150
  • Unbound Fingerboard
Partial Re-Fret
£ See Below
  • Individual quotes given
    please detail problem
  • Average cost £10 per fret
  • Add £30 if instrument has a maple fretboard as it may need to be re-laquered
Fret Dress
£ 60
  • Level, Re-crown & Polish
Localised Fret Dress
£ 30

Electrical Work

PCJ can accommodate everything from small re-soldering repairs to complex custom wiring options.

As well as wiring and switching modifications, PCJ is also an experienced installer of Kaoss Pads, Kill switches and Piezo bridges and transducers

PCJ is also a Seymour Duncan, Schaller and Sustainiac Stealth PRO dealer.
Products from these companies can be purchased through PCJ as part of any electrical project.

To ensure the highest quality parts are used in every project PCJ uses CTS and Switchcraft parts.

Electrical work is carried out at a rate of £30 per hour


All refinishing work is undertaken by Retro 169

For further information please click the image below


Amp Repair

Amp Repair

Repair, Re-Valve & Re-Bias Services

Repair, Re-Valve & Re-Bias Services

PCJ also provide amp repair and modification services.

Detailed information and pricing for all amp repair, re-valve and re-bias work PCJ undertake is shown in the table below.

To discuss or book in a repair, re-valve or re-bias please email

Amp Health Check

A thorough interior and exterior inspection of your amplifier including

  • Power Socket Check
    (For wear & loose connections)
  • Signal Socket Check
    (For wear & loose connections)
  • Pot Functionality Check
    (Identifying crackly pots or
    volume drops / swells)

Full Amp Service

A thorough interior and exterior service of your amplifier including

  • Interior clean of amplifier
  • Cleaning of pots & switches
  • Cleaning of valve & jack sockets
  • Inspection for damaged components,
    loose wires and dry solder joints

* If fuses, valves or other parts are required to repair your amp after inspection these will be quoted for separately *

* Customers will always be contacted before any repair work is carried out. 
No work will be undertaken without customer approval *

Amp Health Check
£ 15
Amp Service
£ 30


If your amplifier requires any new valves (tubes) to resolve an issue these can be supplied and fitted by PCJ.

Whether it is new rectifier, pre-amp or power amp valves we can supply specific brands of your choice or advise on which brands to choose to match the overall sound and tone you are looking for or to fit within a certain budget to get best value for money.


In addition to fitting power amp valves we also offer a re-biasing service.

Some modern valve amplifiers have a self / auto biasing function but for amps without this it is advisable to have the bias checked when new valves are fitted.

Re-Bias Process

Firstly PCJ will check bias settings using the original amplifier valves and then again once new valves are fitted to give you a comparison between the two.

Depending on which valves you choose to fit, they can be tweaked to run a little hotter to give more distortion. They can also be run slightly cooler to give cleaner gain and prolong the life of the valves.

Valve and amplifier manufacturers supply optimal current range settings for their products. We try to balance between these values to give you the best performance out of both your amplifier and your new valves.

£ 25
£ 30