Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

What is The Sustainiac® Stealth PRO?

What is The Sustainiac® Stealth PRO?

“ The Sustainiac® Stealth PRO is designed and manufactured by Maniac Music Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

You can get screaming feedback sustain at any volume at home, in the studio, or on stage.

You can “morph” the sustained string vibration into cool-sounding harmonics during a solo, by using the Harmonic Mode control. This allows you to give your solos character and originality in a way that was previously only possible by getting feedback from your amp at dangerously loud levels. It is similar to amp feedback, except that the feedback sustain is more predictable and much easier to achieve “

PCJ Custom Guitars has been a registered dealer and installer of the Sustainiac® Stealth PRO system since 2014.

Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

What is Included In The Kit?

What is Included In The Kit?

Sustainiac Driver

The driver is available in single coil or humbucker

The Sustainiac® driver doubles as a replacement neck pickup when the unit is turned off.

The driver is the same in both the single coil or humbucker versions.

The humbucker version has a dummy coil next to the driver to fill the humbucker route space.

The Sustainiac® Driver is available in the following configurations

  • Single coil size in black
  • Single coil size in white
  • Humbucker in black
  • Humbucker in white
  • 7-string single coil or humbucker in black

There is also a modified kit available for bass.

The Driver for the bass kit can either be single coil or humbucker sized. These kits will only work with straight pickup equipped basses, split pickup basses will not work with the Sustainiac® Stealth Pro

For more information on the Sustainiac® Stealth Pro bass kit please email

Control Board

The control board is the brains of the system. It handles all the sustaining operations as well as the voicing of the driver when it is in pickup mode.

This small circuit board will normally fit into the guitars existing control cavity.

The control board has three small trimpots. One controls the neck pickup volume, one controls the sustainer gain and the third controls the harmonic mode gain.

Switching Control Options

There are three switching control options available when installing the Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

  • Push / Pull Pots
  • Mini Toggle Switches
  • A mixture of both

Some planning is needed when deciding which switching option to use. If the guitar has a tone control that isn’t really used then replacing it with a push / pull drive pot is a simple process.

Guitars with two tone pots can be rewired to create a driver pot and a master tone control.

Toggle switch installation will require drilling two holes through the face of the guitar.

It is important to remember that some guitar cavities may be too small to fit two toggle switches and have them in a position on the body where they don’t get in the way of the volume control. For this reason push / pull pots are a very good option.

Optional Neck Pickup Boost

Whilst the Sustainiac® Stealth PRO driver cannot be coil split in the conventional sense, there is a way to electronically coil spilt the output of the Sustainiac® Stealth PRO driver when it is in pickup mode.

There is an option to both raise the volume by 6dB and to also hot-rod the output to a darker humbucker sound.
This can be fitted to a toggle switch or push / pull pot to give a coil splitting effect.

It can also be hardwired to always be on to match an existing high gain neck or bridge pickup.

Also Included

Stereo Jack Socket

Replaces your existing jack socket and acts as another switch for the Sustainiac® Stealth PRO driver.

9 Volt battery clip

A single 9 volt alkaline battery powers the system for around 15-40 hours depending on how much the Sustainiac® is used.

In the same way that a guitar with active pickups can drain the battery if left plugged in, removing the instrument cable when your guitar is not in use will prolong the life of your battery.

The battery has a low power indicator. The neck pickup will stop functioning when the battery is drained to 7-7.5 Volts.

  • Optional 25K drive pot (with toggle switch version)
  • Optional battery box

Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

Playing The Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

Playing The Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

Single Coil

The single sound is based on a Stratocaster neck pickup but with virtually no hum.


The humbucker sound is very fat, similar to a stock “PAF 59″ sound with a much higher output if you turn the trim pot control up high.

It has noticeably less hum than a typical passive humbucker.

The Mode switch feature on the Sustainiac® Stealth PRO sustainers allow you to enhance solos in a way that no electronic effect can emulate.

You get all three operating modes whether you choose standard push-pull controls or toggle switch controls.

Normal Mode

Played notes vibrate normally but with infinite sustain.

If you intentionally play a harmonic the notes tend to fade back into fundamental vibration mode after a few seconds.

Fundamental Mode

This mode is very useful for making slid notes sustain literally all the way up or down the neck. It is also great for soft chordal swells.

Harmonic Mode

Harmonic mode makes solos scream out. Played notes quickly change the string vibration mode from fundamental to a high (3rd, 4th, or 5th) harmonic.

The actual harmonic depends on the fret and the string being played. It involves the physics of the string length (according to which fret is used) along with the pickup and driver position along the length of the string.

Mix Mode

There are two different mix modes:

The first mode is engaged when the pot is rotated clockwise.
The second mode is engaged when the pot is rotated anti-clockwise.

Mix mode is a combination of fundamental and harmonic modes and sounds a lot like natural amp feedback.
You tend to get harmonics that come in slowly on low notes and fundamentals on the high notes.

Mix mode is a little more subtle than the Fundamental and Harmonic modes.

Notes played below the 12th fret will mostly morph into 2nd or 3rd harmonics.
Above the 12th fret on the high E and B strings most notes will stay as fundamentals.

Push / Pull Controls

On / Off Control

The Sustainiac® Stealth PRO can be turned on by pulling up the switch section of a push / pull pot.

The push / pull pot can either replace the volume or tone control.
This allows the pot section to be wired as a volume or tone control whilst the switch section operates as the Sustainiac® on/off switch.

When the Sustainiac® is turned on the guitar output signal automatically switches over to the bridge pickup regardless of the position of the pickup selector switch.

Mode Control

Rotating the pot fully clockwise engages normal mode.
The guitar strings will vibrate normally but with infinite sustain.

Rotating the pot fully counter-clockwise puts you into Harmonic mode.

The pot also acts as a drive control. Rotating the pot towards the middle position will decrease the Sustainiac’s gain. At the mid rotation point (5) the drive will be zero.

When the push / pull pot is pulled up mix mode is activated.

Mini Toggle Switch Controls

On / Off Control

A 2-way toggle switch can be used to switch the Sustainiac on and off.

Mode Control

With the toggle switch on mode control you can switch between Natural, Harmonic and Mix modes.

Toggle controls have no built-in drive control so the Sustainiac will always be fully on.

An optional drive pot can be fitted to give additional control.

Playing using a Sustainiac® Stealth PRO will involve incorporating muting skills to control sustain and feedback.

When strumming a full six-string chord two or three notes will dominate after a few seconds. These notes will likely be on the wound strings. This is because thicker strings respond to the pulsating magnetic drive of the Sustainiac® Stealth PRO more readily than the higher strings.

Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

The Sustainiac® Stealth PRO In Action

The Sustainiac® Stealth PRO In Action

For a taste of what can be achieved with the Sustainiac® Stealth PRO take a look at the videos below

Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

Ordering A Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

Ordering A Sustainiac® Stealth PRO

From standard installations to custom wiring and routing installations there will be a way to fit a Sustainiac® Stealth PRO to your instrument

To order a Sustainiac® Stealth PRO installation please complete the order form by clicking the link below

If you would like to install a Sustainiac® Stealth PRO system yourself the units are also available for sale from £200.

If you have any questions regarding the Sustainiac® Stealth PRO system please email