After spending some more time with the ol' axe, I really feel I need to extend another huge thank you for your work on my Suhr! I'm pretty sure that neck pickup has never sounded so good! All the noises are so inspiring, I'm really happy that it's now even more the 'do anything' guitar I bought it to be! 🙂

BEN - Guildford

Paul is my go-to tech. PCJ is the first place I send my new gear to be checked over,
no matter what crazy wiring ideas I come up with,
whatever battered guitar I take to be fixed, he can get it done.

Need a job done? Paul is your man!

TOBY - Bracknell

Thank you for the repair of my Marshall TSL122

Its been a few week now since you serviced / repaired my amp
and it sounds fantastic just like it should.

I was extremely impressed with your service, attention to detail and your obvious
in-depth technical knowledge of valve amps and how to get the best out of them.

I will definitely be calling on you again


Just thought I would drop you an email to thank you again for the work you have done on my guitars.

I know that you only tweaked my precision bass and strat but they play so much better.
The Aria bass is awesome to play, everyone commented on it at rehearsal this week, really lovely to be able to play it like a proper bass again without all the rattles and super high action.

I am now quite happy to sell my other aria basses which are nearly double the weight, this little violin bass certainly doesn’t sound lightweight – in fact one comment was than it sounded immense. I am really chuffed with it. I shall definitely be in contactin the future regarding other projects and recommend you to other band members as and when they need stuff done.


My Peavey 5150 Mk1 had lost almost all of it’s volume, some of the tubes weren’t lighting up with some pots being temperamental at best.

I found PCJ via Facebook and Paul reworked the amp from scratch, cleaned it up and rectified everything,
it has turned the amp into a beast and it had never sounded as good (or as loud) just wanted to say thanks for the great service and updates throughout, first class!


My guitar is transformed. The intonation is so much better, even open chords in standard are feasible now,
not just because the notes are truer but because of the lower action,
which does in fact seem to have hit a sweet spot between fret and slide.

The pickups are massively improved too, the single coil sound really cuts as you said it would.
And, I don’t know how, but it seems to have got more sustain from somewhere,
notes under the glass seem to last longer than on other guitars of mine. It’s making me play differently and opening up ideas – in other words an inspiration!

To be honest it’s a welcome change to deal with a tech who actually listens rather than being told how to play!